Friday, 15 January 2010

A milestone: Our first tree planting!

This weekend, Saturday 16th January 2010, the Chair of 'The Friends of the Nothe Gardens' will be planting our first tree. A beautiful Prunus Shirotae (Japanese flowering cherry) that we wanted to see as a focal point from the entrance gateway you can see in the photos.
The 'Friends of the Nothe Gardens' have been our greatest cheerleaders and regular supporters and helpers in this project. So a HUGE thank you to them.

Come up and visit!
See the article from the Dorset Echo thanks to Martin Lea. Yes it rained...a lot. Right through to the elastic!

When we are working in the garden there is laughter, chatter and noise (some of us noisier than others..ho hum). We are building, shovelling, scraping and drilling.

But in between the garden goes quiet.

There is a robin that comes back to the elder by the gate, a couple of rooks who mutter to each other in the sycamores and a squirrel that darts up the grey trunk of the big tree in the bottom corner. The seagulls that hang on the wind over the harbour cry out.

Those bulbs we pushed into the mud in the autumn are spearing through the ice crystals. Short, dumpy and waxily green.

Come to work or come to be still. You are welcome!

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